My Thought

Beginning of the new things…

Beads..crumbles.. a new start for me.. Actually, I’ve started before but only for myself. Really enjoyed & having fun by doing all this stuff. Even it’s just began, but i think it is better than nothing.. like a hobby. My first customer is my office-mate. Purposely ordered for her wedding. Even though it just a simple decorations, but she like it so much and satisfied with my handwork. I hope she’s look more prettier after wearing that scarf.. Can’t wait to see her wearing that tudung this coming May 5, 2013.. Selamat Pengantin Baru to Rin & Dafi in advance..hehe..

Beading tudung bawal
This is the tudung that i made for her..=)

  My tudung that I've made before

My baju kurung

Also my baju kurungnote: The other 3 photos are my own tudung n baju kurung.. =)


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