LoVe U & mE

Mama & Papa.. I’m 29th weeks..

It’s officially a boy, InsyaAllah.. Alhamdulillah, this afternoon i went to Jameaton Clinic with my lovely husband n sister in law to make a baby scan, 4D actually. I missed out the detail scan because i just knew that detail scan only can be made around 5th months pregnancy. Me now almost seventh months and it’s too late. But it’s ok as long as we (me n husband) can see our baby. It’s a wonderful moments when i saw his movement inside my womb. He just showed half of his face. Shy maybe.. He is cute, looks little bit chubby, n I’m not sure who he will look alike, more like me or more like my husband.. The important things is he’s healthy n perfect. That’s all we prayed for everyday.

So, our next programs is to find clothes for our baby. Most of the things we already bought. But there still a few things missed. Can’t wait.. Really happy.. I really love u baby.. Mama n papa really love u.. Really can’t wait to see u coming out to see the world. Please be a good boy ya.. We love u so much..! Alhamdulillah & thanks to Allah for this great and wonderful gift..

Our baby..InsyaAllah...Aminn...



apr212013121240                                                      Our Lovely baby, InsyaAllah..Amin..